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    Shenzhen International impression of Architectural Design Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 , is an independent legal entity with integrated Class design company. For a professional architectural design firm in terms of ten years of development , can only be regarded as a beginning. She accompanied the growth of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone together , develop together and become a rigorous style , design, flexible , innovation and design firm known for class . To be able to withstand a truly international standard of architectural design services to professional perspective, rational innovation , and win for customers to create higher value and use value for the purpose of the project conceptual design is modeled on the full depth and breadth beyond for project design tailored to fully mobilize a variety of modern techniques, clearly explain the design content, to provide effective contact carrier market , administration and financial channels , greatly enriched the added value of the design , by the customers blitz.
The company currently employs 103 people , has 25 senior engineers . Engineer 32 people, with 16 people registered architects at the national level , a registered structural engineer 11 people, senior economist, senior accountant . Company personnel organizational structure is reasonable , well- prepared to make the design more innovative team dynamic.
From our inception , relying on the Shenzhen Municipal Building Materials Group and assume all of its size residential quarters, factories , such as Rendezvous Garden , gorgeous garden , Long Liyuan , such as a small residential area to the present Hunan LIANGANG experts floor living area, Guangxi Australia noble residential design of large green etc. . Luks from Shekou plant , Teke Tai ceramics factory 30 meters across the plant , to the space-based Industrial Park , Longgang Industrial Zone Yanzi Ling life support, Pan Mao Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen factory and dormitory , Man Kam Terminal program , Yiyang City Hall corporate team building programs, etc. ...... design and ideas reaching maturity , stability, and its simple and elegant, generous and practical design style will have to get the building designed by design Trust prize , Luoyang, Henan Province Harbourside design innovation Award.
Explore and even wrestling in defying the difficult journey, one of the pillars of the ambitious is no intention to pursue unlimited in size , but to maintain a consistent perspective and a keen cutting edge of innovation, relying on people’s limitless imagination , to keep the vision , but the immediate superior is the beginning legendary .
We highly competitive market economy , with the times. Head office is based in Shenzhen , developing markets around the world , and established a number of subsidiaries . Design business is booming across the country , has achieved good success. Hakuba window · Expo, Radio and TV communications control center in Zhengzhou , Huizhou urban renewal, Xi’an Golden Maple International town, Hangzhou and International Watertown , etc., to " minimalism " is full of international color design ideas , emphasizing design people- oriented, personalized, humanistic approach to shaping the " qualities of life and living , the environment and business atmosphere, open and dignified ," the distinctive characteristics in the design and marketing aspects were a great success , for commercial and residential Mainland brought a fresh atmosphere, its time to become a model design techniques .
Shenzhen International Architectural Design Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries impression Cheng Meng our customers love and trust , the scope of business across multiple cities across the country . In the coming years, we will be more full of passion, to further develop and improve the " teamwork, innovation , service as one of three " spirit, in a more humane way , more creative ideas and a wealth of experience, you better tomorrow .
Address: Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone, Dali Technology Digital Park B-402
Tel:0755-82044518 Fax:0755-25331595
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